Uncoffined - Ritual Death and Funeral Rites/Ceremonies of Morbidity bundle CCT-002/CCT-003


A brace of despairing Doom Metal of Death!
The first two album releases by Durham-based doomers, Uncoffined. "Ritual Death and Funeral Rights" and "Ceremonies of Morbidity."
Released on cassette tape for the first time, this set is sure to sell out fast.

Contains digital download voucher and lyric/info sheet too!

Ritual Death and Funeral Rites:
A1 Twisted Shape Of Creeping Terror
A2 Night Of The Witch Childe
A3 Ritual Death And Funeral Rites
B1 Blasphemous Execration Of Holy Ground
B2 The Devil And The Old Cursed Tree
B3 Frustrations (Written-By: Revelation)

Ceremonies of Morbidity:
A1 The Horrors Of Highgate
A2 Plague Of The Uncoffined
B1 Ceremonies Of Morbidity
B2 Ill Omens Of Death And Disease
B3 Awakened From Their Dormant Slumber

Ritual Death And Funeral Rites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU69uARcRT0
The Horrors of Highgate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8X4wcq5ikg